Felix Einhaus

Bernd-Felix Einhaus

Founder of the Horse Agency, Felix brings many years of specialised experience to the horse purchasing experience in Europe. Operating his own successful stable in Borken, Germany, his horses have garnered recognition at the highest levels of sport. 

He began his career as an eventer and show jumper up to the international level as a young rider. Through his university education in economics in Munster, he was passionately involved in the student riding programs, which are a significant and competitive series in Germany. First as a rider and then as an active team trainer. Through his hard work and dedication his teams won several coveted German Championships. 

In the years after his success as a university team rider and trainer, Felix worked for Paul Schockemoehle and the PSI Auction where his connections in the horse world went global. 

Over the years Felix has also been a main organiser for the giant equine convention Equitana, horse competitions, and manager for the stallion approvals in Munich.

His connection with the warmbloods of Germany run deep having worked directly for both the Holstein Verband and Oldenburg Association as sales manager and breeder inspector for the USA and Canada resulting in a keen eye for top horses around the world. 

In more recent years, Felix has been working independently with his own successful stable, training horses, riders, and managing a successful sales program. He has sold horses all over the world with success in Global Tour, World Championships, Nations Cup, and Olympic competitions.



Aletia Reilingh

A Canadian by birth, Aletia made the move to Europe in 2014. Before the big move to Europe, Aletia was the head trainer and coach at Leatherstone Equestrian Center in Guelph Ontario- A premier equestrian facility catering to dressage and jumper clients. In Canada, Aletia developed horses from training level to advance levels of dressage- also including FEI young horse competitions in the USA and Canada. 

Upon moving to Europe, Aletia has been dedicating her time to developing horses in sport as Hunters, Jumpers, and Dressage. 

Aletia quickly developed a keen eye for scouting horses for America. Having used her platform of the Jaxson and Berry Show Podcast to interview top riders from around the world about their career- it developed her network for finding the perfect horse for the discerning rider.

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